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Screen printing is the Traditional and the most economical way to decorate garments. Screen printing Vancouver makes the best starting point for any new brand in search of the perfect promotional product, to achieve maximum exposure and prolonged engagement.

We offer you some of the best pricing in the Lower Mainland on your apparel expertise to set you on the best path for Screen printing Needs.

You can either design your own t-shirts or use one of the standard designs offered by us, As we are specialized for t-shirt screen printing. There are certain aspects of screen printing which you need to understand as they impact on the type of design which you can use if you want to design your own t-shirt.

When it comes to a person’s style icon the t-shirts stands out. One’s personality, fashion choice and priorities are what they exhibit. The t-shirts may have a statement, slogan, an interesting picture or a caption which reflects a person’s personality and taste for instance.

To show political and social views, people like to wear screen printed t-shirts. Printed t-shirts are also used for the marketing purposes in the social media marketing platforms.

Whether the price is five or ten dollars, the first thing to look at is the quality of the t-shirt to be screen printed. It cannot represent your company in a complimentary way if the fabric cannot withstand the process of screen printing.

Benefits involved with screen printing Vancouver

If you design the t-shirt on your own with large areas of block color all-over screen printing t-shirts is advantageous. The larger areas cannot be printed through digital printing so screen it can cover any deep color beneath it as screen printing t-shirts is very opaque.

To print the lighter shades on top of dark, such as pale blue on bright yellow without it looking green, digital printing struggles here.

White on dark often last no more than two or three washes, and screen printing is great for the whites and even with the DTG jet printers. To give a greater coverage, screen inks are far more stable and thicker. No specific washing instructions are required here.

While going for shirt printing Vancouver, the colors offered are brighter and they stand out more.

Applications of custom printing Vancouver

Usually it is made of silk, cotton, paper, polyester, plastic, glass, metal etc. when it comes to the material on which the printing works. To suit your various marketing and advertisement printing needs you can also get screen printing done on your t-shirt with T-shirt printing Vancouver.

It is important that the process is easy and fast if you need to produce a large number of t-shirts for a project. If you are creating shirts for your small business this is quite true. The emulsion is already applied and is ready for the exposure to a light source such as the sun, photo emulsion sheets can easily be used to be screening print t-shirts very quickly and that too in large quantities.

Items we can screen print include:

– T-Shirts (the most popular item to screen-print)
– Sweatshirts/Hoodies
– Sweatpants
– Tank tops
– Socks
– Fabric Pieces
– Hats
– Home wear (Pillows, Bedding, Cups/Mugs, etc)
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