Garment printing

Direct To Garment Printing


What is Direct to Garment Printing?

Direct To Garment Printing (AKA DTG), is a print method that sprays the ink onto the garment using inkject technology. This is essentially, digital apparel printing. This eliminates the need to set up Screens, and also means that there are no minimum quantity requirements. You can feasibly print shirts one at a time, allowing for a massive catalog with no minimum requirements.

Why use this printing technique?

To the standard screen-printing where the screens have to be made before the job can initiate, DTG printing is a great alternative. To the transfer printing too where initial quantitates need to be larger in order to make them more cost-effective, DTG is a good alternative. Direct To Garment printing also allows for an infinite colour selection, meaning that if you have a lot of colors in your design, Direct To Garment is your key to saving on setup fees.

Which garments are best-suited?

Direct To Garment Printing works best on 100% Cotton Fabrics, though we are able to print onto any type of fabric. For extra supreme results, we would reccomend using Ringspun T-Shirts, such as the Gildan Softystyle 64000 or the Bella Canvas 3001  .

Dad’s Printing offers Direct To Garment Printing on Black and White Garments and can print as large as 16×14 Inches. We offer some of the best pricing in all of Vancouver, Canada for our services as well as a high standard for quality control. If you’d like to submit a quote request, please fill out the form below: