Custom Face Mask

Custom Face Masks?

Due to the Covid-19 Epedemic, it has been recommended that anyone leaving the house should be wearing a face cover, regardless of it’s medical grade. We at Dad’s Printing have developed a selection of Custom Masks which allow for completely custom prints as well as the utility of a standard face cover.

What size do you offer?

We offer an adult, youth and children’s size mask. 

Are these handmade?  

Yes, our masks are sewn in hand in house here in Vancouver Canada. They do use sewing machines but its done here and printed by our in-house team. 

How to wear these custom face masks?  

Wrap the loops around the ears and make sure to keep your mouth and nose covered. 

What medical benefits do your masks offer?

We have two custom masks available at this time, one which comes with a filter pocket and a filter, and one without which provides a secure face cover. To be clear, the one with a filter does offer greater protection than the face cover. Our filter masks come with a PM 2.5 Filter, but both masks still offer a recommended level of protection, without depleting local medical supply. 

What decoration options do you have for custom face mask printing?

We are able to Screenprint, Direct To Garment and Dye Sublimate onto our masks. Our prints are made to last and use non toxic Inks and Dye for these processes. We know this because all of our masks are decorated here in Canada at our facility.

Are your masks washable/reusable?

YES! All of our custom face masks are reusable unless specified otherwise. We would actually recommend machine washing after each use.

Do I have to commit to a huge quantity?

Thanks to our digital methods of printing, no you do not! While we have no issues with you ordering a few hundred masks, our bulk pricing starts as low as 12 Masks, allowing you to outfit your employees or outfitting your family with a few options for the week. If you just want to purchase a single mask, that works as well!

What’s the best resolution to print in?

The higher the better, typically you don’t want less than 1200×1200 for a full coverage image. 

Which color model should I choose (RGB or CMYK)?

CMYK is what we print in.


For Custom Face Mask Orders above 12 Units, please click the button below to fill our Custom Mask form!