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Metal Printing is the newest and biggest trend amongst Artists, Decorators, Photographers and countless other industries for Print Surfaces and Presentation. We also happen to have the best prices in Vancouver!

To give the printed words or pictures have a finish that looks like real metal, metallic ink on printed material consists of real pieces of certain metals in the pigment. Including copper, zinc and aluminum, is what the commonly used metal flakes include for professional metal prints in Canada.

Rather they look like a continuous uniform color that can mimic whatever metal-type aesthetic you are going for as these small pieces in the pigment do not actually show up as dots visible to the naked eyes, you can even employ a gold pigment that jumps off the page if you really want to wow people!

The myriad of metal print options

There were not too many options outside of that realm unless you were into making your own plates and emulsions for direct transfers of artworks and photographic images to unusual substrates although there have been many advanced in paper stocks and canvas media in the recent years. Along with these, there has been also a rise of metal photo prints.

Unlike Canvas or Cardstock Prints, Metal/Aluminium Printing does not require framing or stretching and has a wider gamut than either of those old surfaces mentioned earlier. Go with Glossy or Matte for your finish and go as big as 30×20 and show your work like it’s never been seen before. The color gamut and range alone is unprecedented in aluminum prints Vancouver.

Metal prints are exactly what you have been waiting for if you were looking for a modern way to display your photos in HD quality. On a computer screen, it is hard to illustrate the superiority of printing photos onto metal. The difference would be obvious if you were to see them next to a traditional photo print in person and this is surely going to make your jaw drop.

The high-definition metal prints

Vibrant colors and deep contrast, these are what the ideal aspects which circulates around metal prints Vancouver. On this media, soft subtle images generally do not work as well. The inherent sharpness if brings out the detail as the high contrast makes any image look bolder. You might want to pass on metal if you have a relatively low resolution image or a flawed image.

In the modern and contemporary interiors, metal prints look most natural. At offices, hipster hangouts, and trendy restaurants you have probably seen them. With the young and progressive crowd their chic modern look and feel makes them very popular. They will fit really well in interiors with simple clean furnishings, and nice polished surfaces due to high glossy finish and bold colors.

We work with Artists looking to print off one piece at a time as well as with Restaurants looking to decorate their entire chain. Any quantity or print can be done here at Dads!

Let the Dad’s team take your Canvas and your worries away by elevating your visuals with Aluminium today!

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