Dad’s Printing now offers Embroidery Services catering to Vancouver and the rest of Canada with some of the best prices around with terrific turnaround times as well.

Embroidery is the Caviar of garment decoration in our opinion, as nothing says quality like having your artwork Stitch by Stitch pop off your garment. When our clients ask for Embroidery, we know they aren’t playing around. We know that they mean business, and that they want the Dad’s Printing level of quality.

Whether its Headwear, Patches or even just a Sweater, our Embroidery services will handle your Itch for the Stitch.

We also offer Digitization services as well as Consultation on your next Embroidery Project. Want to get started? Click on the button below, fill out our form and let Dad’s Printing turn your wishes to stitches!

We’re Here to Bring Your Vision to Life

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