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Digital Garment Printing Service


Direct To Garment Printing, (Also Known as DTG) is the fastest growing method of Apparel Printing which have taken a tide over today’s fashion trend and there are some very attractive reasons for this.

What is Direct to Garment Printing?

Direct to Garment or DTG printing is a completely new process of apparel printing. It does not require any screens, transfer or sublimation techniques as this allows full-color printing directly onto the garments.

Unlike Screen-printing, Direct Printing on garments is a completely a digital method of Apparel Decoration or is best-suited for digital apparel printing. This eliminates the need to set up Screens, and also means that there are no minimum quantity requirements. You can feasibly print shirts one at a time, allowing for a massive catalog with no minimum requirements.

Why use this printing technique?

To the standard screen-printing where the screens have to be made before the job can initiate, DTG printing is a great alternative. To the transfer printing too where initial quantitates need to be larger in order to make them more cost-effective, DTG is a good alternative.

Which garments are best-suited?

Another huge advantage that comes with DTG under fabric printing Vancouver is that there are no limitations to colors. You can print a photo and have it be true to the image with no color separations required. Unlike Sublimation, DTG also works on 100% Cotton fabrics and can be done on Darker Colors. 

How DTG prints benefits the customers?

  • In both darker and white garments, DTG prints work really well.

  • There are no requirements for screen setups.

  • Artworks are easily available all that is required is a high-resolution jpeg.

  • You can rest assured of even-quality prints.

  • Through intricate designs, even print qualities can be assured.

  • A3 is the print area.

  • Speed of setup assured.

Identifying the ideal customers for DTG printing

Customers who are looking for a lot of colors and who have requirements of up to 50 garments are ideal. The following are their typical applications:

  • Night events/ Hen and Stags

  • Corporate events

  • Charity events

  • Companies looking for short run prints full-color logos

  • Promotional events

  • Launch for magazines

  • Sports tour

  • Children club

  • Fun gift and surprise parties.

For one-off events, Direct to Garment printing allows personalized t-shirts to be produced cost-effectively or for the customers who do not need a large quantity of garments, these prints suit the best.

Costs will continue to fall as competition increases with the new technology. Prices will readily decline and direct to garment printing will be the method of choice in a decade or so and this is really possible.

Direct to Garment printing is used for small specialty shops who have client willing to pay a bit more for quality at present.

At Dad’s Printing, we offer DTG Printing on Black and White Fabrics as well as custom hat printing, and can print up to 14×16″. We offer some of the best pricing in the city for our services as well as a high standard for quality control. Let us see what we can offer to handle your Direct to Garment needs and get in touch with Dad’s Today!