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Custom Sock Printing

Custom Sock Printing is 100% Without a doubt our forte. Customers tend to get impulsive when it comes to buying socks. Since socks have the best profit margins in the clothing industry, adding some creativity and uniqueness to your socks designs can really make a difference for your bottom line.

When it comes to Custom Sock Printing, You can rest assured that we’ll be able to meet your requirements, because we offer printing on socks of any size, from short socks to knee highs. We cover the whole sock in print for we use the sublimated print technique. Other than that, we can assist with artwork services and sourcing your material.

Our large format printing setup allows up to do up to 60 Pairs of tube socks/hour allowing for the quickest turnaround times in Vancouver.

Make your feet feel happier!

To express one-self, more and more people are looking for new and original ways. The custom apparel plays a huge role for the individuals to allow their voices to be heard and this is one of our favorite ways.

With the complete focus on trendy designs, we at Dads Printing undergoing custom socks printing Vancouver have implemented the best of styles which is available in the market. We have evolved into a community of statement makers while we may have started out to sell custom t-shirts.

To make a custom shirt and to wear that statement across your chest as we feel that it is empowering. Including more accessories so that our customers are not just limited to tees and tanks as we now have expanded our product inventory. We have really up scaled our game of customization with the customized socks over the last year.

Among the trendsetters and fashionistas, the ability to customize socks has taken off and is a huge hit. When it comes down to socks they always fit and everyone needs a pair at one point as socks can be overlooked as boring and bland.

For the marathons, holidays and the themed parties and are even better for lounging around, they add a unique touch. Making it incredibly easy for you to create matching designs for a group or a single pair just for you our group discounts and there is no minimum range to it.

To our socks family the ladies no show sock is the latest addition.

We even bring for you socks for the athletes. To athletes sports socks are of great importance.

The athletes have a lot to say about how the socks give them the comfort, protection and traction as the athletic players have a unique relationship with their shoes.

The tradition of wearing socks in the sport game is an important ritual for the players including some special habits such as wearing more than two layers of socks, one high and one low length or the socks which focuses on the ankles in addition to all.

With all the balls team’s logo, slogans, teammates, and everything that they want to display it fully shows the team’s spiritual outlook and also plays a good advertising effect as the customized elite logo socks can be designed accordingly.

Custom socks are great for:

  • sports teams
  • band merch
  • clothing brands
  • corporate wear
  • out of this world stockings
  • Equestrian Wear

Get your custom socks from us and knock socks off your friends and colleagues.

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